Two Bellmen Two

Another Viral hit short film starring FREIDA PINTO and filmed in DUBAI  !!!


Business Unusual

Short Film for the Renaissance in Chicago!  Starring Yoshi Sudarso of Power Rangers, Tia Carrere, Grant Bowler, Jason Gehrhardt and more! 



WATCH THIS! Awesome Mash Up with S.O.H. x Neil Patrick Harris, Cee-Lo, Nicole, and more!

Skate, Parkour, Tricking, Stunts, Dance, and more,  Music by Fingazz & Malakai!

Substance Over Hype?!

Substance Over Hype® is a “movement” that aims to inspire.  S.O.H. combines Movement & Music to tell stories, create unrivaled media, and perform live.   S.O.H. content centers around the immensely popular themes of Dance, Parkour, Extreme Sports, Martial Arts, and Music.   S.O.H. content contains the world’s top names from each movement category; referred to as the “Kings & Queens” who collectively have over 20 MILLION hits on their current YouTube™ videos.

S.O.H. was founded by MALAKAI®, and is led by he, Caine Sinclair and William Spencer. SOH movement is often paired with Music from MALAKAI and FINGAZZ as well as other great artists.  All content from Substance Over Hype is created by the talent represented within.

pictured above: FleaRock, MALAKAI, Daniel Ilabaca, E.D.I., TEKNYC


Parkour & Free Running Stunts on Moving Cars Midnight Mayhem! #ParkourDrive

Crazy Stunts on moving cars using skateboards, parkour, slacklines, and more!  

Queens & Kings Official Video Shopping Cart Race

“Furious 7″ meets  ”Mario Karts” Edition for MALAKAI’s Official Video for his single “Queens & Kings.”  

An Epic Shopping cart race filled with comedy, stunts, video game nuggets, and fun bits.  

Directed by Daniel “MALAKAI” Cabrera & Mike Diva.  Starring Daniel Ilabaca, William Spencer, Gee Alexander, Alexia Sky, Xin Wuku, Bryan McGowan, Robbie Corbett, and Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown.


Two Bellmen Short Film!

Our Best Work Yet!  Written, Directed and Produced by Daniel “MALAKAI” Cabrera and Starring William Spencer, Caine Sinclair, Josue “Beastmode” Antonio, and much of the SOH Family.  

Also Stars Henry Simmons (MARVEL Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sophina Brown (Numbers), Stephen “tWitch” Boss (Ellen, SYTYCD), Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown (ABC’s BLACK-ISH), and Taryn Southern.


Block Attack!!

Parkour from the world’s best… in the context of a 1980s Video Game!
Short version of the short film Video from William Spencer starring the kings of S.O.H. Parkour.

Sounds of Movement: S.O.H. x Canon

CANON hired SOH to showcase their new VIXIA Mini X Camera.  We made a beat out of the Sounds of Movement! Enjoy! We used the actual sound from the VIXIA’s mic.

Concept & Direction by MALAKAI.  Music from FINGAZZ

Push Play Show™

This is a “pilot / taster” of the PUSH PLAY Show™ from SOH!  It’s like Yo Gabba Gabba, Robot Chicken, and In Living Color combined – with its own unique aspects of course!
Hosted by MALAKAI & William Spencer.  Starring SOH Crew & Guests from Movement, Music, Acting

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