WATCH THIS! Awesome Mash Up with S.O.H. x Neil Patrick Harris, Cee-Lo, Nicole, and more!

Skate, Parkour, Tricking, Stunts, Dance, and more,  Music by Fingazz & Malakai!


The Exchange

Check out this fun Short Story using Dance! Make sure to catch the fresh POPPERS!… and the few surprises as the video unfolds.


The much anticipated DVD ‘STREET LEVEL’ from Funny Bones Crew (King Warlock, King Burst Rock, & King Frantick) will be dropping any day now!  Check out the trailer below and be sure to look out for more heat from SOH x Funny Bones.

Straight Substance… Over Hype- Jon Boogz, Frantick, & Toogie!

Jon Boogz, Frantick, and Toogie at Carnival (Los Angeles) performing a fresh, poetic, and thought-provoking piece about the struggles of kids who face violence at home. Choreographed and brought to life by all 3 of these amazing dancers; they show us why they’re the baddest in the game! Props to these Kings & Queen for such an artistic and purposeful use of their movement… make sure to appreciate Toogie‘s beautiful use of Aerial Tissue Dancing and her sick combination of styles! (VIDEO STARTS AT 50 Seconds)

Frantick’s The R16 Effect

Just another night of Fresh style from Frantick… shot on the other side of the world!

E.D.I. and S.O.H.

QUEEEN EMILY IBARRA (E.D.I. Photoeye) captures MOVEMENT with true steez… she is the eye behind the amazing SubOverHype images you see.  E.D.I. Photoeye will continue to bring these spectacular photos… so keep an eye out for them!

Interviews From ‘Ghetto Blaster’ Music Video

The Beautiful and Talented Catherine Ferrino Interviews some Kings on set



Lil John