WATCH THIS! Awesome Mash Up with S.O.H. x Neil Patrick Harris, Cee-Lo, Nicole, and more!

Skate, Parkour, Tricking, Stunts, Dance, and more,  Music by Fingazz & Malakai!

Parkour & Free Running Stunts on Moving Cars Midnight Mayhem! #ParkourDrive

Crazy Stunts on moving cars using skateboards, parkour, slacklines, and more!  


William Spencer Odds & Ends

William Spencer “Stakes”

Our Co-Owner, King of Movement, and more… William Spencer – doing what he does so well! Props to the Denver Shop for assembling another amazing skate video!

Gnarcade x Micah Hollinger

Check out Micah Hollinger in this fresh video, along with some other talented players!

New Pics from EDI

Here’s a few new pics from E.D.I. All photos from Substance Over Hype are REAL!… none are created in photoshop. Check out William Spencer and Caine Wall Riders!!  Shots show Warlock, Rudy, Jeremy, Baby Boogaloo, Micah, and Malakai. Many more amazing pictures coming soon!

Our favorite Skate & Create

for those who haven’t seen – it’s all art! (VIDEO STARTS 1:00 minute in!)

Are Those Pics For Real?!

You KNOW it!! Here’s a little proof in the pudding…

S.O.H. Skateboards

Click Here to see from FRESH SOH Decks