Substance Over Hype?!

Substance Over Hype® is a “movement” that aims to inspire.  S.O.H. combines Movement & Music to tell stories, create unrivaled media, and perform live.   S.O.H. content centers around the immensely popular themes of Dance, Parkour, Extreme Sports, Martial Arts, and Music.   S.O.H. content contains the world’s top names from each movement category; referred to as the “Kings & Queens” who collectively have over 20 MILLION hits on their current YouTube™ videos.

S.O.H. was founded by MALAKAI®, and is led by he, Caine Sinclair and William Spencer. SOH movement is often paired with Music from MALAKAI and FINGAZZ as well as other great artists.  All content from Substance Over Hype is created by the talent represented within.

pictured above: FleaRock, MALAKAI, Daniel Ilabaca, E.D.I., TEKNYC


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