S.O.H. “Custom” for your Brand

S.O.H. has a “B2B” side as well.  We’ve done work for the following brands and more!

Our work can be seen HERE at SOHcustom.com




New Tanks & Tees!

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Parkour and Freerunning Stunts – RIDING WITH A GHOST by Sub Over Hype

A Short Film from Substance Over Hype®.  Scored with the song, “Queens & Kings” by MALAKAI® Feat. Fingazz. Video Starring Tim “Livewire” Shieff, Daniel Ilabaca, and William Spencer.

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The Exchange

Check out this fun Short Story using Dance! Make sure to catch the fresh POPPERS!… and the few surprises as the video unfolds.

William Spencer Odds & Ends

‘FRESH’ Music Film

Music Film by MALAKAI® Feat. NASTY RAY, STONE, FINGAZZ.  Scored with the MALAKAI single, ‘FRESH’

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[CLICK PLAY TRIANGLE ABOVE] Check out the upcoming single, “FRESH” by MALAKAI feat Stone & Fingazz! This summer-time jam is full of Cali flavor! Fresh with MALAKAI rhymes, Stone’s amazing vocal, and Fingazz on the talk box! Purchase on iTunes by Clicking Below OR Click ‘Buy’ Link Above.

‘BREAK’ Music Film

A Short Music Film from Substance Over Hype®.  Scored with the song, “BREAK” by MALAKAI® Feat. Buff Billington. Directed by Mark David Spencer & William Spencer. Concept & Story Written by MALAKAI, Mark, and William. Starring the Kings & Queens of Substance Over Hype. Check out Solomon, Caine, Frantick, Micah, Ill Boogie, Krash, Danni G, Beastmode, Rudy, Jon Boogz, Toogie, FREZ!, William Spencer, and MALAKAI… representing the Substance Over Hype fusion.

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Boogie Frantick

HERE’s SOME MORE HEAT from BREAK- “BREAK B-Sides” Jon Boogz & Toogie w MALAKAI on beats!

Beastmode, Danni G, Rudy Reynon II

Outtakes feat. William Spencer, Caine Sinclair, Solomon Brende

Tempest Free Running Academy & MALAKAI

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