New Pics from EDI

Here’s a few new pics from E.D.I. All photos from Substance Over Hype are REAL!… none are created in photoshop. Check out William Spencer and Caine Wall Riders!!  Shots show Warlock, Rudy, Jeremy, Baby Boogaloo, Micah, and Malakai. Many more amazing pictures coming soon!

Ru Keep the Tricks coming!

S.O.H. is proud to welcome more royalty from the world of tricking/ martial arts, and all around game.  Presenting King Rudy Reynon II. When not making sick beats; you’ll find Rudy smashin the streets.  Be on the lookout for Rudy in the upcoming video ‘BREAK’ and at our next S.O.H. event.  Read more about King Rudy on the Kings and Queens page.

‘Ghetto Blaster’ Music Vid

A taste of Substance Over Hype! The ‘Ghetto Blaster‘ Music Video. The song is a throw-back anthem MALAKAI produced for the boomboxes he loves so much… of course it’s got that “new-new” S.O.H. steez too! Featuring FREZ!, Proximity Effect, and all S.O.H. Kings shown. [See Video Credits under "MORE" tab] ENJOY!

Are Those Pics For Real?!

You KNOW it!! Here’s a little proof in the pudding…

SOH Tees Available

To Buy an S.O.H. T-Shirt just click the shirt image below or email Shirts are available for $15.  They are 100% Organic Cotton and fit/ feel buttery-dope!

E.D.I. and S.O.H.

QUEEEN EMILY IBARRA (E.D.I. Photoeye) captures MOVEMENT with true steez… she is the eye behind the amazing SubOverHype images you see.  E.D.I. Photoeye will continue to bring these spectacular photos… so keep an eye out for them!

Interviews from ‘Ghetto Blaster’ set




William, MALAKAI at ANW

Thanks to American Ninja Warrior (G4 Network) William Spencer and MALAKAI got to compete in hopes of heading to Japan!

What is ANW? See Below:

Stills from MALAKAI on the course

From LA to Denver

Props to ‘The Denver Shop‘ for putting together such inspiring skate videos!  William Spencer representing… ENJOY!

MALAKAI Music on iTunes

Click below to purchase MALAKAI® music from iTunes - also available on

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