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‘BREAK’ Music Film

A Short Music Film from Substance Over Hype®.  Scored with the song, “BREAK” by MALAKAI® Feat. Buff Billington. Directed by Mark David Spencer & William Spencer. Concept & Story Written by MALAKAI, Mark, and William. Starring the Kings & Queens of Substance Over Hype. Check out Solomon, Caine, Frantick, Micah, Ill Boogie, Krash, Danni G, [&hellip

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E.D.I. and S.O.H.

QUEEEN EMILY IBARRA (E.D.I. Photoeye) captures MOVEMENT with true steez… she is the eye behind the amazing SubOverHype images you see.  E.D.I. Photoeye will continue to bring these spectacular photos… so keep an eye out for them!

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Interviews From ‘Ghetto Blaster’ Music Video

The Beautiful and Talented Catherine Ferrino Interviews some Kings on set BEASTMODE G Lil John

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