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Substance Over Hype?!

Substance Over Hype® is a “movement” that aims to inspire.  S.O.H. combines Movement & Music to tell stories, create unrivaled media, and perform live.   S.O.H. content centers around the immensely popular themes of Dance, Parkour, Extreme Sports, Martial Arts, and Music.   S.O.H. content contains the world’s top names from each movement category; referred to [&hellip

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‘BREAK’ Music Film

A Short Music Film from Substance Over Hype®.  Scored with the song, “BREAK” by MALAKAI® Feat. Buff Billington. Directed by Mark David Spencer & William Spencer. Concept & Story Written by MALAKAI, Mark, and William. Starring the Kings & Queens of Substance Over Hype. Check out Solomon, Caine, Frantick, Micah, Ill Boogie, Krash, Danni G, [&hellip

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Caine & Tempest on Jump City Seattle

Check out Caine Sinclair & Team Tempest on the new G4 show, Jump City Seattle. Tempest shows even more of the world why they are; and run with the best! Caine worked for 3 days straight (from L.A. to Seattle and back) filming the Jump City pilot and S.O.H. video ‘BREAK‘ -what a soldier! Watch [&hellip

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