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‘Ghetto Blaster’ Music Vid

A taste of Substance Over Hype! The ‘Ghetto Blaster‘ Music Video. The song is a throw-back anthem MALAKAI produced for the boomboxes he loves so much… of course it’s got that “new-new” S.O.H. steez too! Featuring FREZ!, Proximity Effect, and all S.O.H. Kings shown. [See Video Credits under "MORE" tab] ENJOY!

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Ghetto Blaster Music Video Credits

Executive Producers Tian Mu and MALAKAI.  Directed by David Sauvage.  Produced by Jon Brewer (FunBomb) and Howard Eriksson. Production Assistant Jose Arvizu.  Edited by Category 5.  Movement Direction by Theresa Pena and Beastmode.  Choreographers: Beastmode, Danni G, FREZ!, King David, Jeremy Marinas, G, Lil John, Obe One, Theresa Pena, Solomon Brende, and William Spencer.  Set Design by Jameson [&hellip

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